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The Ayahuasca is an ancient sacred plant used by the Incas, by their political leaders and their priests specifically. It is not a drug or a hallucinogen, and does not cause addiction either. It has also a very low grade of toxicity.

Before taking the Ayahuasca, a participant must follow some basic rules:

  • 3 days before the ceremony, do not eat meat, canned food, follow a mainly vegetarian diet. Also, abstain from alcohol, drugs, pills and sex.
  • All people, before taking Ayahuasca, must do a complete detox of their body with the volcanic medicinal water; this is usually done the day before the ceremony. Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to the ingest of the volcanic water.
  • The idea of having this preparation is to cleanse the body from the chemicals we usually take, so the effects of the Ayahuasca will be the strongest.
  • The Ayahuasca produces several major and healing effects; let’s discuss the most important:
    • Visions: the sacred plant activates a variety of visual contents, among the most frequent are geometrical shapes in many sizes and colors, snakes and other metaphorical animals. However, there are more complex visions which are totally related to our personality, our unconscious and even our destiny; these will be correctly interpreted by the Shaman. Many people also report a variety of out-of-body experiences, like traveling across the space and the stars, and even flying along a tunnel into another dimension of reality. The importance of the visions is that they are profoundly healing and transforming; through them, people overcome past and present issues, and also are definitely drawn to a more spiritual way of life and worldview.
    • Thoughts: the Ayahuasca brew’s most active ingredient is the DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), which also has an effect on the brain’s frontal cortex, the area which processes abstract, complex reasoning and planification. This leads the participant to enter in a higher cognitive state, and have many valuable insights which are strange to ordinary states of consciousness. People achieve deep realizations which close issues that had been open and apparently with no solution; also new goals, values and worldviews arise, all of them oriented within a spiritual path in life ahead.
    • Mysticism: new research on DMT and the Ayahuasca is showing that the sacred brew strongly appears to be a facilitator of all kinds of mystical experiences, like prophecy and communication with God itself. In the case of prophecy, it is not only related to foretelling, but also auditory, visual and emotional revelations; one very recent approach to the Ayahuasca is that the trance indeed connects the participant to God’s plan and to God’s will, both for the individual person and for humankind; that is, the Ayahuasca experience may be also a way through which human consciousness becomes able to directly communicate with God and to obtain knowledge about Spirit itself. This recent approach strongly suggests that the Ayahuasca ritual is one way God connects with us in the closest manner.
    • Our Association of Shamans conducts Ayahuasca ceremonies the way the ancient Inca mystics did, with expert Amazonian shamans; contact us for more information and booking your Ayahuasca healing ceremony.

    Ayahuasca Retreats

    Ayahuasca 1 día

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    Juan´s experience

    Ayahuasca y Wachuma ó San Pedro.

    24 de Marzo a Agosto del 2016. en la selva amazonica. Servicio exclusivo coordine y organizaremos su ritual con los mejores Maestros de la Comunidad de Chamanes que representamos al Cusco Perú.

    Juan´s experience

    Ayahuasca Karpación en Queros ó Ausangate.

    24 de abril a diciembre del 2016. Organice su ritual en Qeros o Ausangate, la experiencia es inolvidable y encontrara el camino o intensión que buscas. la fe creencia ó deseas cumplir algún deseo.

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    Wachuma San Pedro in sacred locations

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    Ayahuasca Multiple Shamans

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    Complete Ayahuasca Treatment

    The full treatment with a specialised Shaman to treat different problems. Medication is the patient's request, consider the time you need for treatment.

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