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We apply different techniques good for the body, mind and spirit. Necessary to relieve muscle aches, nervous tension, contractions of the lower back with pain or stress overload. We use different oils (essences) and organic herbal creams (Coca, Marku, Chirichiry among others)

  • We ask for the transfer of powers through the Inca spirits, the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the 4 forces of nature, to help unblock and heal the entire physical body.
  • Application of universal energy (Reiki) to open and align energy channels.
  • Invocation of our totemic animals and spiritual guides to purify the dense energy of the aura and its ethereal bodies.
  • Unlocking of the chakras, physical body and treatment of nerves, muscles and stretchings.
  • Negative energy cleansing through the condor feathers, flowery water and other shamanic elements to expel harmful energies and drive away the bad vibrations or sensations accumulated in your soul.
Fast Massage 1:30 hour S/.250.00
Intense Massage 2:30 hours S/.350.00
shamanic healing massage
healing massage
shamanic massage

Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca 1 día

1 Day Ayahuasca retreats in Cusco, Peru. [See more]

ayahuasca 2 días

2 Day Ayahuasca retreats with Shipibos and Machiguengas Shamans. [See more]

3 Day Ayahuasca retreats with complete techniques for family, friends or alone. [See more]

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Recent experiences

Ayahuasca Experiencias.

24 de febrero a julio del 2016. En Machupicchu lugares sagrados previa reservación. aun no hay itinerarios solicite y cordinemos el dia y hora que usted elija.

Ayahuasca y Wachuma ó San Pedro.

24 de Marzo a Agosto del 2016. en la selva amazonica. Servicio exclusivo coordine y organizaremos su ritual con los mejores Maestros de la Comunidad de Chamanes que representamos al Cusco Perú.

Ayahuasca Karpación en Queros ó Ausangate.

24 de abril a diciembre del 2016. Organice su ritual en Qeros o Ausangate, la experiencia es inolvidable y encontrara el camino o intensión que buscas. la fe creencia ó deseas cumplir algún deseo.

Exclusive Services


Wachuma San Pedro in sacred locations

San Pedro or Wachuma in sacred locations; Sacsayhuaman, Machupicchu, Oyantaitambo, Templo de la Luna, Maras Moray, for a more complete experience choose from our itinerar-ies or lists of private and group services.


Ayahuasca Multiple Shamans

Ayahuasca and Wachuma with experienced Shipibos and Boras con Ikaron Shamans. Pri-vate services upon reservation. We include different Shamans from the Andes and the Am-azon jungle in Cusco Peru.


Complete Ayahuasca Treatment

The full treatment with a specialised Shaman to treat different problems. Medication is the patient's request, consider the time you need for treatment.

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