Karpay Ceremony in Ausangate

The Karpay in Peru is done at the mountains or snowies great Ausangate, Huamanlipa, Ccollyoriti and other Apus (mountains) not mentioned. They are conducted by master Altomisayoc Shamans of Ausangate and the Quero tribe. Here you receive the gift of serving others through the Karpay.                     

It is performed using different techniques whose secrets are practiced by the Altomisayoc Shamans. Karpay in the Apus: Ausangate, Koylloriti and Huamanlipa.                     

People do their Karpay to become Shamans, so that they have the permission of the Apus Ccoylloriti or Huamanlipa in order to receive the light or spiritual force from them or simply seek personal healing, have energy and wisdom among other personal desires not mentioned .

The Karpay is a ritual process that opens the doors to Shamanic powers

The Karpay represents 3 Powerful Forces

It has a mysterious power that comes from the great spirits called Apus, is the spiritual energy, represents the three forces of life: the Yachay (learning spiritual wisdom that is opened through the chakras), the Causay ( means the gift of living, represented by the heart) and Yancay (meaning the effort dedicated to the mission or goal). The power of Karpay comes from the mysterious place, comes from the world it represents: Hanan Pacha (mysterious power of the universe and the heavenly Gods); Kay Pacha (permission and mysterious power of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the energy of all living beings) and Uku Pacha (for many the underworld and for the Incas the eternal paradise of the spirits of the other world).

Karpay in Ausangate

Our ancestors of the Inca culture left us their secrets, wisdom and knowledge of the mysterious power of the Apu Ausangate, through the transmitted inheritance from our Inca ancestors, to the Peruvian Association of Shamans.

We invite the whole society to discover and learn our techniques. Our ancient Inca culture is willing to initiate Shamans or healers through the different Shamanic practices.

Future Shamans or healing teachers will receive the power and spiritual strength of the Ausangate, to work or help people who need them the most. For all those who wish to be cured.

Karpay benefits and secrets

In order to know where to do your Karpay, in Queros or Ausangate, you must receive the guidance of a Shaman, it is the energy that leads to the final result.

1. Initiation for Shamans.
2. Shamans who want to receive the strength and powers of Ausangate.
3. Simply wish to receive the mysterious power of the energy of the universe.
4. To fulfill a personal desire, heal any disease or other intentions.
5. They ask permission to heal and work with spiritual energies.
6. Learn the wisdom of Ausangate and working with people. The Peruvian Association of Shamans gives a document that certificates having taken the various introductory courses in our community.

Karpay Ceremony Ausangate

At the foot of the Ausangate Mountain, Karpay ritual ceremony with a Master Shaman

Kinsa Cocha Lagoon

Karpay rituals are performed also in the lagoons of the great Apu Ausangate.

Mountain Huamanlipa in Cusco 1 day 1 night: US$320.00
Mountain Ausangate 2 days 1 night US$600.00
Mountain Ausangate 3 days 1 night : US$700.00
Mountain Ausangate 4 days 3 nights: US$760.00

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