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The Peruvian Community of Shamans is a Spiritual Center located in Cusco city, Peru, that offers healing practices based on ancient Inca traditions. We are a serious and responsible community with direct descendants from the Incas which guarantees safety, secure personal care during our ceremonies.

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We are more than 100 Shaman Masters of different ethnic groups from all over Peru. Andean: Qeros, Paucartambo, Ausangate; Amazonian: Shipibos, Ashánincas, Machiguengas among others. We have an organized logistics and a professional team of Retreat collaborators, and Shaman masters of specialty on the 5 different techniques of ancient healing and the 2 wisdom/healing ceremonies of the magical plants Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro); we also offer spiritual assistants and trained coordinators. We guarantee the experience, seriousness and responsibility of the work, a reliable service and absolute safety for your physical integrity. All our rituals are authorized by the Peruvian Ministry of Health.

We represent Peru with the different ancient techniques of Inca origin. We are experts Healers of the Light. We do rituals of healing, spiritual purification, internal and external cleansing with medicinal plants and Inca ceremonies dedicated exclusively to healing deep wounds of mind, body and spirit. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Ayahuasca Wachuma Cusco

They help overcome and solve everything you want to improve in your personal world, cure diseases unknown by medical science. Our purpose is to help transmit, share, serve and teach ancient Inca secrets to the world. Our Retreats Temple is located in Wayllapata, South Valley, a 1-hour drive from Cusco city (included), it has all the quietude and comfort you expect for your healing ceremonies. Our office is on downtown Cusco city, next to the Marriott hotel and Cusco's Plaza de Armas (Main Square); our office has three floors:

On the first floor, we have a natural, Andean products store, like coca leaves, maca (Andean energizer) and many more for beauty and health. Also there is the desk where you must do all procedures and get information for your ceremonies.

On the second floor, we have a variety of light, summer clothes with Amazonian designs based on Ayahuasca visions and symbolism; also, we have a ceremonies room which is ample and private.

On the third floor, we also have a space for ceremonies and next to it a very comfortable massage room.

Important: you can do your ceremonies either here at our office or at the Retreats Temple, both places offer comfort and privacy; in case you choose our office, the prices are lower than those of the Temple, but the quality service is the same.


Welcome to THE PERUVIAN COMMUNITY OF SHAMANS. We are a community of Master Healers of full indigenous lineage, selected from multiple tribes around Peru. From the Andes: Qeros, Paucartambo, Ausangate; from the Amazon: Shipibos, Ashánincas, Machiguengas and others. Each Shaman has his very own specialization in ancient healing techniques from his own culture.


We offer unique treatments towards energetic healing and profound purification, healing of traumas, personal turmoil, communication problems, and overall aid in the achievement of spiritual health and harmony.


About us: our experienced professional team of Shamans and assistants will offer you the necessary support and guidance towards the integration of your ceremony. This team effort will surely bring forth profound transformation, as well as personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Our main goal is towards healing, treating emotional wounds, and clearing the deeper scars of the soul. Our compromise is with restoring, raising consciousness, and integrating your mind, body and soul with the help of plants medicine and other sacred ceremonies.


Thanks to the seriousness and experience of our specialized Shamans and expert collaborators, we fully guarantee your protection and safety. The Ayahuasca healer for example, will calculate the individual dose according to the personal diagnosis of each participant. Our work is uniquely and nationally recognized by the Peruvian Department of Health; responsible work and top quality service are always our priority.


Year after year, we help many people to improve their quality of life by working with and healing their spiritual energy. We cure illnesses declared resistant by medical science, achieving optimal health results. Our wisdom and secrets were transmitted from generations spanning thousands of years, making us experienced successors and Masters of the Inca techniques. We facilitate intense healing treatments with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and the 4 Techniques, offered to people who seek an initiation of healing, emotional rebirth, integrative restoration and spiritual liberation. We offer significant intervention towards curing chronic disease, psychological ailments, severe trauma and emotional pain.


We have a beautiful Retreats Temple in the countryside just outside Cusco City, with a wide range of commodities that is sure to satisfy your lodging needs, including healthy organic meals, independent rooms, and private spaces for your spiritual practice. Far away from external noise, traffic and stress; surrounded by rivers and mountains, an ideal setting for restoring your past, present and future.


Take part in this unforgettable and wonderfully intense journey back into yourself. Find your deepest healing with the help and guidance of our sacred ceremonies. We promise a process of deep purification of your soul that will forever nourish your whole being with health, wellness and spiritual oneness. About us. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Call to us: (+51) 979222268

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Customer Testimonials

Simona Jones

I spent a week with the Association of Peruvian shamans in their beautiful temple in Patapata. During this time I had Ayahuasca , Watchuma, Karpay and 5 Andean ceremonies, all ceremonies with different shamans. It was an unforgetabke experience, healing and enlightening that opened a new path for me. I also want to thank Johana and Amaru, who assisted in all the ceremonies and took really good care of me during my stay. I can not recommend enough their retreats.

Illinois, United States of America

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