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FAQ The Cusco Commnunity of Shamans

We are a Community of Shamans of ancient Inca medicine, we offer an intense healing retreat with the Sacred Plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro) and the Inca mystical ceremonies; our participants manage to obtain a journey to the mysteries of life, discovering their inner being and spiritual awakening. We share our secrets by teaching the ancient knowledge of the Andean and Amazonian tribes to our clients. We support preserving and protecting the secrets and knowledge of healing, worship service and our way of life. We have been helping many people for years; the Association was formed to preserve the ancient techniques of healing of our ancestors that many believed were lost.

What is Ayahuasca?

The mysterious Ayahuasca plant is not a drug or hallucinogen, it is an Inca ancient medicine, it cures different diseases of unknown etiology. The Ayahuasca comes from the Peruvian Amazon, in the jungle of South America. The sacred Ayahuasca cleans your blood through the veins, purifying your stem cells.

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To participate in an Ayahuasca or Wachuma ceremony or retreat, it requires preparation for the ritual framework of its drinking; the preparation begins 3 days prior to the ceremony, where the participant must take care of his food, adjusting to a specific diet. Participants seek to experience a different situation, accept new knowledge of themselves or solve a problem of personality, health or existential, personal or family issues in general.

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Restrictions on drinking Ayahuasca or Wachuma

People who present any of the health problems detailed below, will not be able to drink Ayahuasca or Wachuma (San Pedro). We recommend that you bring a medical certificate attesting your good physical and mental health; otherwise, one of our doctors will perform medical exam the day before your Ayahuasca ceremony or retreat, at a cost of US$50.00

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Ayahuasca Wachuma Cusco

Tips before the Ayahuasca!

What is Ayahuasca

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Ayahuasca Preparation

Our Community of Shamans offers a total quality service in the ceremonies and retreats of Ayahuasca or Wachuma.

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Customer Testimonials

Simona Jones

I spent a week with the Association of Peruvian shamans in their beautiful temple in Patapata. During this time I had Ayahuasca , Watchuma, Karpay and 5 Andean ceremonies, all ceremonies with different shamans. It was an unforgetabke experience, healing and enlightening that opened a new path for me. I also want to thank Johana and Amaru, who assisted in all the ceremonies and took really good care of me during my stay. I can not recommend enough their retreats.

Illinois, United States of America

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