Ayahuasca Two Days Retreat in Cusco - Cusco

Ayahuasca two days retreat in Cusco, Peru, more than a tradition is a complete healing technique. Consists of 5 different ancient Inca secrets, plus one Ayahuasca ritual, done by experienced Shamans, descendants of the Incas.


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Ayahuasca Retreat in Cusco, Peru

Ayahuasca two days retreat in Cusco, Peru, more than a tradition is a complete healing technique, consists of 5 different ancient Inca secrets, plus one Ayahuasca ritual, done by experienced Shamans descendents of the Incas. (You can do only the Ayahuasca ceremony if you prefer). The Retreats Temple is 1 hour from the mystical city of Cusco. You will take Ayahuasca Amazonian style with a Shaman of the indigenous tribes Shipibos, Ashanincas or other ethnic groups of the Amazon rain forest. We do Ayahuasca in Cusco-Peru in order to help overcome the multiple personal, psychological problems. We conduct treatments for self-esteem, addictions such as alcoholism, drugs and also encourage personal growth. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

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Take into account the indications before doing Ayahuasca (2 Ayahuasca + 5 Andean Techniques)

Do your personal preparation, 3 days before at least: no sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, meat, medicines, industrialized foods. The more you take care of your body, the better the benefits. Please read indications about the diets Ayahuasca Diets. We set ourselves to do a good job and improve your health (the Ayahuasca is not dangerous, it is a pure spiritual plant that helps you). For your personal safety before taking Ayahuasca please read Contraindications of Ayahuasca. Important: one day before you will do the detoxification with the Volcanic Medicinal Water, will help you eliminate 50% of bad chemicals and toxins inside your body. The process takes 1 to 2 hours maximum. If you do not have time, you should drink it on the same day of the ceremony. Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours before your detoxification with Medicinal Volcanic Water. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

The day of the Ayahuasca ritual you will be fasting. The transportation will pick you at the main office, according to the program of the retreat, at: 7:00 am, 9:00 am or 5:00 pm. Our Retreats Temple is located in the countryside, 45 minutes from Cusco City, Wayllapampa sector - Patapata agricultural community. We have a retreats center for economic services, located in downtown Cusco City, on the 3rd floor, we make daily retreats 9am and 6pm (ideal for those who do not have much time to do their ceremonies). Ayahuasca Center.


  • 1. Volcanic Medicinal Water: it is a complete detox of the organism. This water contains natural minerals that will radically cleanse the body systems. Ideally has to be drunk the day before the Ayahuasca retreat.
  • 2. Reading of Coca Leaves: it is an ancient Andean shamanic ceremony. It spots your present problems and makes accurate predictions for the future, gives the right counseling.
  • 3. Cleansing of Negative Energies: through several secrets and Shamanic techniques we erase negative energies and bad karmas.
  • 4. Ayahuasca Ceremony (1): Mother Ayahuasca is a millenary sacred, medicinal brew that will heal physical, emotional and spiritual problems, faster than any other spiritual practice. Ayahuasca in Peru.
  • 5.Huachuma Ceremony (1) The mysterious spiritual sacred masculine plant of the Andes. Helps psychospiritual healing, reflection and personal encounter with your inner self, connection with Heaven and earth and the energy of spiritual power.
  • 5. Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth): according to Andean wisdom, the female spirit of Pachamama (nature) will return all that we need if we worship and respect her. It's an ancient, typical Andean ritual.
  • 6. Flowering Bath: it is an alliance with the spiritual forces of the cosmos, so they allow and help all areas of life to blossom, to flourish.


  • Those who choose only Ayahuasca without the other techniques, will necessarily have to purge with Volcanic Medicinal Water, but will not do the 4 remaining ceremonies.
  • You can either do one, some of the ceremonies or the 6 complete Ancient Inca techniques of spiritual healing.
  • Accommodation at the Retreats Temple in Wayllapampa, private and double rooms for each participant 2 days and 1 night.
  • Private transportation from Cusco to the Retreats Temple and vice versa.
  • Different Shamans or 4 Masters of specialty in the different ceremonies. Keros, Paucartambo, Ausangate (Andean tribes). Ashanincas, Shipibos, Machiguengas (Amazonian tribes).
  • The elements or offerings in general that are used in the different rituals.
  • Assistant, translator in Quechua, Spanish and English, throughout your healing retreat.
  • Special diet during the retreat.
  • If you want to have a personal record of the ceremonies, the assistant will take the photos or film without interrupting.
  • Consultation and interpretation of experiences and visions, in private and in group with the Shaman.
  • A group closes with 6 participants in the retreat. If there are more than 6, there will be two Shamans in each ceremony.
  • For those who choose a private Ayahuasca retreat, all their ceremonies will be exclusive, including Shamans and attendees in a private place, couple and friends are allowed, no one else can enter your ceremonies.
  • The Retreats Temple has a regular logistical capacity of 30 participants, or more for those who request it. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Ayahuasca Two Days - Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

Preferably you must do a day before the Ayahuasca retreat an internal cleansing or detoxification of the immune system in general. If you are time short, you can drink the Volcanic Water the earliest on the same day of the first Ayahuasca ceremony. Eliminate chemical toxic residues of the body with the Volcanic Medicinal Water. It takes 1 to 2 hours maximum drinking the water, do not eat anything 4 hours before drinking the Volcanic Water.

During the day of the Ayahuasca ritual you will be fasting. We will pick you up at the main office at 9:00 am or 5.00 pm, then go to countryside's Retreats Temple located in the Sacred Valley of Wayllapampa, 1 hour away from Cusco city.

  • Day : 1

    Usually starts with the Reading of Coca Leaves, allows a diagnosis of your personal status, generally identifies deficiencies, to help solve them throughout treatment with other techniques or ceremonies. We continue with the Cleansing of Negative Energies, allows a deep cleansing of frustrating energies (bad luck, uncomfortable spiritual feelings and purification of the bad karma of the whole body, mind and spirit). Then we begin the most important ritual at 6:00 pm, the Ayahuasca Ceremony. It is a radical cure of body, mind and spirit. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

  • Day : 2

    On the second day of the Ayahuasca retreat we will have breakfast at 8:00 am, to continue with the interpretation of your experiences with the Master Shaman, who will explain all visions and insights. Then we do the Ritual of Wachuma or San Pedro. Next we do the Offering to the Pachamama, this ritual allows spiritual connection with nature. We ask for everything we need and give thanks for life, food and pray for the health of our families. We finish with the Flowering Bath, is the connection with the forces and energy powers of the universe and the Earth, it helps connect and attract all that you want to your life. After having completed the retreat, we'll return to Cusco city at around 6:00 pm.


1. BASIC PACKAGE, group service (3rd floor retreat Center, inside Cusco, 1/2 block from the Plaza de Armas, 146 Herrajes street. Includes lodging at our next door Shaman Hostel).
02 Ayahuascas + Volcanic Medicinal Water
340.00 USD
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02 Ayahuascas + 5 Ancient Inca Ceremonies
480.00 USD
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2. INTERMEDIATE PACKAGE, group service. At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco - Patapata (solo, with friend or couple).
02 Ayahuascas + Volcanic Medicinal Water
390.00 USD
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02 Ayahuascas + 5 Ancient Inca Ceremonies
530.00 USD
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3. PRIVATE PACKAGE. Only the ceremonies are private, the rest of the service is collective. At the Retreats Temple in the countryside, 1 hour away from Cusco - Patapata (solo, with friend or couple).
02 Ayahuascas + Volcanic Medicinal Water
490.00 USD
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02 Ayahuascas + 5 Ancient Inca Ceremonies
630.00 USD
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4. VIP PACKAGE, ABSOLUTELY everything is PRIVATE. Private special room and transportation. (Solo, with friend or couple, Retreats Temple in the countryside 1 hour away from Cusco - Patapata).
02 Ayahuascas + Volcanic Medicinal Water
590.00 USD
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02 Ayahuascas + 5 Ancient Inca Ceremonies
730.00 USD
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Simona Jones

I spent a week with the Association of Peruvian shamans in their beautiful temple in Patapata. During this time I had Ayahuasca , Watchuma, Karpay and 5 Andean ceremonies, all ceremonies with different shamans. It was an unforgetabke experience, healing and enlightening that opened a new path for me. I also want to thank Johana and Amaru, who assisted in all the ceremonies and took really good care of me during my stay. I can not recommend enough their retreats.

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