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It comes from a thermal volcanic source at the subsoil, its many mineral properties contribute to improve the organism's health.


Volcanic Medicinal Water - Inca Detoxification 4.5


It comes from a thermal volcanic source at the subsoil, its many mineral properties contribute to improve the organism's health. We take the Volcanic Medicinal Water for the purpose of cleaning the whole immune system, also a fast detoxification of the digestive system through the intestinal tract.

Eliminates chemical toxins from the body; purifies kidneys and infections of the urinary system, which are expelled via the urethral tube. Cleans the esophagus, bile, gastritis, cleansing of the digestive system is also made sometimes by the oral route through vomiting. It is also a physical preparation before taking Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro) because it eliminates the toxic and chemical residues of the body which will interfere, reduce the effects of the sacred plants. It is a physical and psychological preparation before taking Ayahuasca or Wachuma (San Pedro) because it eliminates 50% of the toxic and chemical residues of the organism (even vegetarians ingest toxic substances, present in fruits, vegetables, etc., which the volcanic water purifies).

It has many healing properties supported by several scientific studies; this water was consumed by the Incas and its curative use has reached our times.

This mineral water comes from the subsoil of the Marcani volcanic valley, in Arequipa (Peru); it is excellent to purge and purify the immune system. Helps cleaning the digestive system in general, and removes toxic chemical residues inside all the body. The main reason for drinking the Volcanic Medicinal Water is because both the Ayahuasca and the Wachuma are sacred healing plants which have a kind of intelligence; thus, if you drink any of them, it will go down to the digestive system first, and will find there fat, toxins, industrial chemicals and so on, compounds that we can not avoid to ingest in some measure, it will stop there and start doing the cleansing, the healing of the digestive system. In consequence, it won't go to the brain on an adequate concentration, thus giving little or no visions and insights. For this same reason the participant has to do a 3-day diet before the first ritual of Ayahuasca or Wachuma; no alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medicines, meat, coffee, sex, very little salt and sugar, no pasta and canned foods. You can eat: fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, rice, beans, very little salt and sugar, little or no condiments.

The Volcanic Medicinal Water has a high density of sulfates, which are very good, powerful antiseptics, present in many antibiotics; however, our Volcanic Water does not present any of the side effects and toxicity of regular, drugstore antibiotics. It does provide a thorough detox of the organism, but without the adverse reactions and side effects of common pills; of course, the only contraindication is for people who are allergic to sulphates, for they will develop a serious skin rash. These people will only do the 3-day diet before taking Ayahuasca or Huachuma, and increase their intake of pure water on this preparation stage. The cleansing and detoxification provided by the Volcanic Water can last up to a year, if you eat healthy and drink pure water regularly.

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Properties of the Volcanic Water

Taste, it is pleasant, slightly salty due to the contained minerals. Does not present any bad smell that makes it possible to abstain from drinking, on the contrary it encourages consumption as antiseptic water. Color: presents a natural state showing a yellowish color due to the mineral content: sulfates, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphate, iron, fluorine. Ph = 7.6

Usually the first effects when consuming this water occur in an approximate time of 40 minutes. People who purge for the first time feel effects with about eight glasses.


If taken under alcoholic influence state, do it with much caution because it lowers blood pressure. Nursing mothers: it is not advisable to breastfeed during the purge. Children nine years old can drink up to three glasses of volcanic water as a test. People who have had surgery less than six months, especially on the intestines can not be purged. People with serious illnesses can not be purged (epilepsy). Pregnant women are advised not to purge.

Indications and ways to consume medicinal volcanic water taking into account that the effectiveness of the treatment depends on compliance with the rules established below

People who have had surgery should consult their doctor previously

  • To start with the volcanic water detox or purge one must be in full fasting, at least 4 hours before.
  • Wear warm clothes because in general blood pressure drops, due to the reaction of the organism. Drink the water in a glass clean and quickly, to take advantage of its efficiency in the best time.
  • After drinking the first glass of water, keep moving constantly, going up and down the steps, jumping, running to help break down the stool in the intestinal tract. Do not rest the volcanic water in the glass or in open buckets, because it loses the strength of the gas.
  • The duration of a purge should be approximately forty minutes to two hours, depending on the person.
  • When going to the bathroom to eliminate stool, do not try hard, in order to avoid burning discomfort in the rectum.
  • Drink the volcanic water until the fluid comes out of the rectum without stool particles and then stop drinking. Do not drink it in excess, because it can weaken the intestinal flora.
  • After using the bathroom, wash your hands to avoid any kind of illness. You can purge two to three times a year, depending on your health.
  • After purging, do a small massage on the stomach and try to eliminate all the remaining water through the rectum.
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