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The mysterious Ayahuasca plant is not a drug or hallucinogen, it is an Inca ancient medicine, it cures different diseases of unknown etiology. The Ayahuasca comes from the Peruvian Amazon, in the jungle of South America. The sacred Ayahuasca cleans your blood through the veins, purifying your stem cells.   

It is the best psychologist, psychiatrist, gives emotional stability, self-awareness, is the best doctor in the universe because it cures and prevents cancer, diabetes and other diseases of unknown origin. It helps you out of the dark if you're addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs among others.   

It also heals the deep wounds or scars of your heart and soul. It has 3 stages of healing:


Suffering: you suffer from all you've done in this life and learn to ask for forgiveness from all the people you've caused some harm either casual or intentional. Also you will confront unconscious traumas and repressed experiences, in order to overcome them.   

Death: it's the renounce and ending of all your negative past, learn to forgive all the people who hurt you.   

Resurrection: you receive light in your soul, you are born again in a more spiritual being, having overcome your past you live the present joining the positive power of the heart and the mind.


Participants should not consume at least three days prior to the retreat any kind of drugs (except 1 month before minimum in case of cocaine), alcohol and avoid canned foods, sausages, pork, beef, salt, and sugar. Medications, pills, antibiotics with or without a prescription, injections, vitamins and/or supplements.


Avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation, ban chili in your food, chocolate, do not drink coffee or soda. If you use drugs or are in the menstrual period inform us in advance, to speak with the healer Shaman and confirm that you can participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony. It is forbidden to ingest any type of medication during your stay at the Retreats Temple.


All people who are in one of these situations will not be able to drink Ayahuasca, alternatively they can take part in other ancient Inca healing ceremonies: pregnant women, clients with heart problems, people with psychotic conditions, epileptics, high blood pressure, and other diseases of high risk; children under 14 years unless they have written authorization from their parents. Please report any condition to our staff.


It is very important because it will give you peace, sacred love, reality, changes your negative way of being and thinking, mysterioulsy transforms your ego and your life. The Ayahuasca opens and awakens your pineal gland, known as the third eye or sixth sense, helps to align and activate the body's chakras. It allows a spiritual connection with nature, the earth and the universe.


It is important because it modifies human genetics and teaches you wisdom. It is a healing medicine for your entire soul, mind and body. Heals the wounds of the past: resentments, traumas, fears.


It helps to sensitize you to find the essence of life and unconditional love for the universe. Helps in personal growth. It pacifies anguish, stress, depression and others. Mother Ayahuasca understands you, it knows what you have in your heart and mind.


Preferably the day before you should drink the Medicinal ​​Volcanic Water which helps remove chemicals and toxins from the body. Detoxification takes 1 to 2 hours maximum. Please do not eat any food 4 hours before the Medicinal Volcanic Water.

During the day of the Ayahuasca ceremony you will be fasting. We'll pick you up at the CAISAE office at 7:00 am or 5:00 pm, depending on the hour of your ceremony. We then go to the Retreats Temple located in the Patapata countryside area near Cusco city.

Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca 1 día

1 Day Ayahuasca retreats in Cusco, Peru. [See more]

ayahuasca 2 días

2 Day Ayahuasca retreats with Shipibos and Machiguengas Shamans. [See more]

3 Day Ayahuasca retreats with complete techniques for family, friends or alone. [See more]

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Recent experiences

Juan´s experience

Ayahuasca Experiencias.

24 de febrero a julio del 2016. En Machupicchu lugares sagrados previa reservación. aun no hay itinerarios solicite y cordinemos el dia y hora que usted elija.

Juan´s experience

Ayahuasca y Wachuma ó San Pedro.

24 de Marzo a Agosto del 2016. en la selva amazonica. Servicio exclusivo coordine y organizaremos su ritual con los mejores Maestros de la Comunidad de Chamanes que representamos al Cusco Perú.

Juan´s experience

Ayahuasca Karpación en Queros ó Ausangate.

24 de abril a diciembre del 2016. Organice su ritual en Qeros o Ausangate, la experiencia es inolvidable y encontrara el camino o intensión que buscas. la fe creencia ó deseas cumplir algún deseo.

Wachuma Retreats

Ayahuasca 1 día

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ayahuasca 2 días

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4 Days Wachuma ceremony. [See more]

Exclusive Services


Wachuma San Pedro in sacred locations

San Pedro or Wachuma in sacred locations; Sacsayhuaman, Machupicchu, Oyantaitambo, Templo de la Luna, Maras Moray, for a more complete experience choose from our itinerar-ies or lists of private and group services.


Ayahuasca Multiple Shamans

Ayahuasca and Wachuma with experienced Shipibos and Boras con Ikaron Shamans. Pri-vate services upon reservation. We include different Shamans from the Andes and the Am-azon jungle in Cusco Peru.


Complete Ayahuasca Treatment

The full treatment with a specialised Shaman to treat different problems. Medication is the patient's request, consider the time you need for treatment.

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