Wachuma (San Pedro) Ceremony in Cusco-Peru

Wachuma Ceremony in Cusco

Wachuma Ancient Inca Plant in Cusco-Peru

Wachuma or San Pedro, also known as Huachuma, is an ancient magic medicinal plant that is used for Inca ceremonies that awakens your heart's light. Wachuma or San Pedro is the masculine spirit of the Apus (Andean mountains). Heals, cleanses and harmonizes from the inside to the outside of your being. It purifies your mind, gives you cosmic energy and makes your eyes shine with love. It connects you with the great spirits of the mountains.

It is a divine gift, opens the doors of heaven and earth, expands the vision. It connects you with nature and universe, cleanses, balances the body, mind and spirit, sensitizes your heart, gives you the energy, the power to transmit your love to the universe. It is anti-stress and anti-depressant.

It is also a process of reflection of the conscience, psychoemotional opening of self-healing. It has many healing properties.


According to studies, this mystical plant was already used in 1000 b.C. by the mother culture Chavin de Huantar (Northwest Peru), considered the first center of spiritual initiation in South America. In this place, we have concrete evidence of the use of Wachuma (trichocereus pachanoi).

With the arrival of the Incas, their use was increased and was used throughout the Tawantinsuyo (Inca Empire). Following the Spanish invasion, this plant was almost destroyed, its use banned and it was demonized along with the Ayahuasca by religion, since the Spaniards did not understand the ideology of the Incan people.


Wachuma, the sacred and medicinal plant was protected by our Shamans in the most distant places of sacred Peru, because it leads us to connect directly with the Divine (God) and cures, opens the conscience for self-learning.

Known in its original name in Quechua Wachuma (San Pedro / Saint Peter). Why Saint Peter? According to the Catholics, it is Saint Peter who opens the gates of Heaven. Its scientific name is Trichocereus Pachanoi and its main chemical component is mescaline.

The great benefit of taking Wachuma is that it awakens the senses of the human being (altered states of consciousness) to work with the unconscious, where we store most of the traumas that can be acquired even in the womb of our mother.



Wachuma sacred and medicinal plant in Cusco-Peru


Wachuma Ceremony

Drinking Wachuma awakens higher consciousness.

For us there are no physical illnesses, but emotional diseases that are reflected on the physical level. These emotional diseases are not cured with Western medicine, which is directed to the physical body. We can cure using master plants and different Inca ceremonies, we work on the three most important parts: body, mind and spirit.

It is possible to regress back to the moment of your birth and before. It also leads people to find the source of their trauma, which may be in this or in previous lives.

The Wachuma has no contraindications, it is used by all people from children up to the age of 60 years. We have cases of people with heart problems, psychosis, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, frigidity and others, the secret is responsible, safe and authentic care that is the basis of our service.

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