The ritual to find love is a ceremony of sacred hope, it depends on your strongest intention born from the heart. It's a special offering with infinite power asking the spiritual Gods of love through the Shaman. He will send your sentimental fate into the hands of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Universe to bring true love into your life.


The ritual to find true love must cleanse your past through forgiveness, purify your soul, bad karma of present and other previous lives. The ceremony is a magical pact with the forces of nature, allows to channel and attracts through the Shaman the energy path which will lead to the outcome you're looking for. The magic ritual for true love is recommended to people who did not find or were not lucky to discover it, many haven't found their ideal partner. Love is sacred and wonderful, energy has the power and the power of love is able to change what we want in the world, there are no boundaries or limits. The Shaman connects the pure essence of the heart with the infinite love of the universe, allows to bring to your life the cosmic energy called "pure and unconditional love or soulmate" whose energy is active somewhere in the world.

The Love Ritual

It is a bond of relationship by mutual feeling, an agreement taken by the couple to ensure and strengthen the relationship through the Inca ceremony, following the steps learned from the Andean ancestors.

A ritual for Union

The ritual to find true love in this life is through our Shamanic techniques, we help to improve, unify and strengthen the relationship of couples, against great problems of instability, distress, depression in their loving relationship. We cleanse to attract good vibrations and luck in love, since we suffer disillusionments, complicated breaks or we suffer great disappointments and frustrated relations. Through energy we make the spiritual connection with Mother Earth and the universe, we accept the total change to a new world and allow the sun hidden within us to shine. We rebuild relationships in marriages and destroy witchcraft or spells at their root. We expel all the misfortunes, negative sensations of our being, traumas, discussions, obstacles, fears that produce negative thoughts. These destroy feelings of inner love and the essence of couple life. It is time to wake up, allow the spiritual light to enter your heart, open it, leave reason aside and make no mistakes, now is the time to love and be truly loved back.

Ritual to find True Love US$85.00

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Wachuma San Pedro in sacred locations

San Pedro or Wachuma in sacred locations; Sacsayhuaman, Machupicchu, Oyantaitambo, Templo de la Luna, Maras Moray, for a more complete experience choose from our itinerar-ies or lists of private and group services.


Ayahuasca Multiple Shamans

Ayahuasca and Wachuma with experienced Shipibos and Boras con Ikaron Shamans. Pri-vate services upon reservation. We include different Shamans from the Andes and the Am-azon jungle in Cusco Peru.


Complete Ayahuasca Treatment

The full treatment with a specialised Shaman to treat different problems. Medication is the patient's request, consider the time you need for treatment.

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