Ancient Inca Ceremony: Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Offering to the Pachamama Inca Ceremony US$60.00

The Pachamama (Mother Earth) is not only pure earth, it is the powerful energy, essence of life, pure and feminine holy spirit of the planet. It is the most important ceremony in our Inca worldview (Goddess of the land and of the Inca civilization). It gives us everything we need, protects, cares for, feeds and gives us its energy.

His love is great and unconditional, it has a reciprocal stage in which we give back by burying offerings. We thank and pray with coca leaves for everything we receive, we value it by loving its existence. We are her children, we owe her even the air we breathe, and in the end we return to her as bone and dust.

The offering to Mother Earth is valuable and known in the Inca worldview as a "payment ceremony"; we say Offering of Gratitude, the Incas called it "Ayni" which means "borrowed":nothing that exists and we have in this life is ours, everything is reciprocity with Mother Earth, she gives us life. We consecrate by giving it the strength to continue generating life. In the Offering we pray for food, for the people who need it, for life, for the protection of the forces of the universe.

We ask for the well-being of the family, health, love. Many imbalances occur daily in our destiny, it is a means of harmonizing and balancing through the Sacred Ceremony. We use different elements and a variety of food, we call it "alcanzo", each element has its meaning and reason for being. The Inca ceremonies are prepared by Queros Altomisayoc, learned Shaman, healers of the Andes, recognized in Peru.

They also cure ailments of unknown origin and save the patient from any harm and negative energy; it is a very ancient and transcendental Inca wisdom that we knew how to preserve. We now share it for your great benefit.

Pachamama Andean Peru

All lay their hands in appreciation of the offering to the Pachamama

Pray through the coca leaves for a happy destiny, make their wishes reaching out their hands and being thankful for everything they receive.

Pachamama Elementos Ceremoniales

The elements offered at the ceremony are previously selected with different purposes

Offerings are prepared by Shamans in the presence of participants, according to their intentions.

Despacho Pachamama

The ceremony is prepared with finesse

The contents express gratitude and faith.

Despacho Ceremonial Cusco

In some circumstances the ceremonial offering is burn according to decision of the participant.

In many cases, ceremonial offerings are buried according to the Shaman's belief.

Offering to the Pachamama Inca Ceremony US$60.00

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