Inca Andean Marriage

Matrimonio Inca

Inca Ceremony with Ancient Rituals

The Andean marriage is a secret Inca wisdom in Cusco-Peru, it is a promise, a sacred spiritual pact that can not be waived with the Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Tayta Inti (the Father Sun God) and the Apus (great protective spirits). With kindness they guide them, purify, bless with love and wisdom, uniting their hearts for all eternity.                      

No marriage of oath could be broken by word or agreement by the couple, since it is pure love, true, sincere, blessed and sacred. It's the perfect duality between man and woman (they are represented by the sun and the moon), there is no infidelity, fornication and adultery for it goes against their moral values. If they broke the promise, the forces of the earth and the universe will take away protection, making them vulnerable to negative energies, misfortune, sickness and death as punishment for their betrayal.                      

The Inca Marriage Pact strengthens love under an eternal commitment. The goal is eternal protection, restoring the unique love for the couple, fidelity and mutual care.                      

The Inca Marriage is made in the Andes of Cusco, is made by several Andean Shamans or priests, the bride and groom will have Andean godparents, who will be their counselors for life.                      

The Inca Marriage is an unshakable commitment, the bride and groom pact eternal love in the presence of Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the universe. If they break the promise by infidelity or other reasons, the fault is punished by the Pachamama and the energetic Gods.

A Mystical and Spiritual Wedding

It is done in total discretion in the presence of the Andean Priest or Shaman, the bride and groom, Andean musicians, sponsors and workers, we control the guest list. The Inca spiritual marriage is proof of pure and true love where no documents are signed, our goal is to unite lifelong couples through the wisdom of sacred master plants.

Mystical Marriage Photo "Retreat Center"

Reading of Coca Leaves, Offering to the Pachamama, Cleansing of Negative Energies, Flowering Bath and other ancient rituals: Andean marriage, different ancient ceremonies are conducted.

Ancient Inca Marriage "Retreat Center".

The couple is prepared physically, psychologically and spiritually through experiences with Ayahuasca, Wachuma and different Andean ceremonies; they enjoy nature, traditions and Inca customs.

Andean Marriage Retreat Center

Wedding preparation comprises different ceremonies, please make your reservation in advance. You can dress as you please or if you want we can give you the traditional Inca wedding costume.

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