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The Ayahuasca is an ancient, sacred plant used by the Incas, and even before; they had elaborated rituals to drink the brew which contains the plant, and specialized Shamans who conducted the ceremonies. The Ayahuasca in the Cusco region begins to appear on most historical records around 1.400 a.C., the time when there was a fierce war between two rival kingdoms, the Incas and the Chankas; the latter had defeated the Incas in a major way, taken over Cusco city and made the Incas leaders flee to a mountain now called Huchuy Cusco. On such critical situation, a young noble warrior, Pachacutec, is said to have had an Ayahuasca session, in which he had a vision of fighting and defeating the Chankas; he then organized an army and attacked them, being utterly victorious. Pachacutec then became the first Inca emperor, commended the building of major temples and sites, including the Machu Picchu citadel, and organized society; the tradition of drinking Ayahuasca continued to be complied by all the following Inca emperors.

Nowadays, we conduct Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats the traditional Inca way; moreover, our Shamans are direct descendants of the Inca people, both from the Andes and from the Amazon. The Ayahuasca ceremonies are done only by Amazonian Shamans, who have grown up drinking the sacred plant and possess long experience with all the complexities of the sacred plant’s dynamics. Our Ayahuasca sessions can be done at our Temple in Cusco city or at our Retreats Temple in the beautiful and quiet countryside just out of town, in the South Valley (Patapata).

The effects of the Ayahuasca brew are caused by the chemical called DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), a complex molecule which is carried by the bloodstream into the brain, and there produces visions, deep cognitive insights, access to repressed unconscious contents, strong catharses, and mystical experiences. The standard Ayahuasca experience has three stages:

  • In the first, the participant will experience the emergence of visions about what are called the “shadow contents” in Jungian psychology, the elements or traits of human psyche which are instinctual, dark and opposed to ethical and religious rules; also, the participant may experience the appearance of repressed traumas, which will lead to profound cathartical events.
  • In the second, the participant enters what is called “the angelic setting”, which is a state of complete radiance, bliss and purity, which may last for some three hours.
  • In the third and final, participants usually experience unity and agreement with the entire cosmos and existence, and are filled with unconditional love for family, friends and humankind.
  • Throughout the ceremonies, every participant is accompanied by a Master Shaman, an assistant with medical training and a translator; the sessions are done with entire confort and safety in private rooms. Another great news is that the healing effects of the Ayahuasca are durable, long-lasting.
  • Seekers from all over the world have drunk Ayahuasca with us, and they all agree that the sacred plant has given them powerful and valuable insights and feelings; currently, the Ayahuasca treatment is being recommended for psychological disorders like depression, anxiety and PTSD whn they have become resistant to psychotherapy, and also for addictions like alcoholism and substance abuse, with great results, which are beginning to obtain attention from the scientific community.

  • Ayahuasca Retreats

    Ayahuasca 1 día

    1 Day Ayahuasca retreats in Cusco, Peru. [See more]

    ayahuasca 2 días

    2 Day Ayahuasca retreats with Shipibos and Machiguengas Shamans. [See more]

    3 Day Ayahuasca retreats with complete techniques for family, friends or alone. [See more]

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    Recent experiences

    Juan´s experience

    Ayahuasca Experiencias.

    24 de febrero a julio del 2016. En Machupicchu lugares sagrados previa reservación. aun no hay itinerarios solicite y cordinemos el dia y hora que usted elija.

    Juan´s experience

    Ayahuasca y Wachuma ó San Pedro.

    24 de Marzo a Agosto del 2016. en la selva amazonica. Servicio exclusivo coordine y organizaremos su ritual con los mejores Maestros de la Comunidad de Chamanes que representamos al Cusco Perú.

    Juan´s experience

    Ayahuasca Karpación en Queros ó Ausangate.

    24 de abril a diciembre del 2016. Organice su ritual en Qeros o Ausangate, la experiencia es inolvidable y encontrara el camino o intensión que buscas. la fe creencia ó deseas cumplir algún deseo.

    Wachuma Retreats

    Ayahuasca 1 día

    1 Day Wachuma retreats in Cusco, Peru. [See more]

    ayahuasca 2 días

    2 Days Huachuma retreats. [See more]

    4 Days Wachuma ceremony. [See more]

    Exclusive Services


    Wachuma San Pedro in sacred locations

    San Pedro or Wachuma in sacred locations; Sacsayhuaman, Machupicchu, Oyantaitambo, Templo de la Luna, Maras Moray, for a more complete experience choose from our itinerar-ies or lists of private and group services.


    Ayahuasca Multiple Shamans

    Ayahuasca and Wachuma with experienced Shipibos and Boras con Ikaron Shamans. Pri-vate services upon reservation. We include different Shamans from the Andes and the Am-azon jungle in Cusco Peru.


    Complete Ayahuasca Treatment

    The full treatment with a specialised Shaman to treat different problems. Medication is the patient's request, consider the time you need for treatment.

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